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Resume Databases and Distribution Services

Most sites with online resume databases also host job databases, so they are listed in the appropriate areas under Sites with Job Listings. Most of these are also free for the job seeker. Please use these pages to find the best places for you to post your resume.

What You Should Know About Resume Distribution Services

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"Instant Resume Distribution.
Distribute your resume to 100s of recruiters matched directly to your personal career preferences."

These sites charges you, the user, to submit your resume to recruiters and/or employers who may have registered with them to receive resumes such as yours. Some of these services have been known to farm email addresses from the Internet and send resumes to anyone they can find, including me.

Before you pay for any of these services, pick up the phone and call them. Ask them how their lists are created, can they list some of the employers in their database and what your fee covers. Also ask about their service guarantee and exactly how you go about requesting a refund should you not be satisfied with the service. Also ask if you will receive a copy of the email submission they send out so you can be sure your information appears correctly (that has been a problem in the past).

Check them out with the Better Business Bureau, (take this with a grain of salt), and even Google to see if anyone is talking about them.

And finally, if you decide to go ahead and purchase, pay with a credit card (not a debit card) so if needed you can dispute the charges with your credit card company.

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Databases & Distribution Services

I personally think of this as a "scattershot approach to searching," and I do not recommend you rely solely on this method of getting your resume into anyone's hands, but you want the information, so I'm providing it.
Not recommended. First, it's not a US-based site. Second, I have personally received many resumes sent to me because I was listed as a recruiter, a listing I never requested. I even contacted some of the job applicants to talk to them about this, and they were stunned to find out their resumes were being sent to people who had not requested them.
...a UK-based service offering to submit your resume to its list of over 3000 registered recruiters for a fee. Your fee depends on your level of employment, and the list of recruiters depends on your qualifications, experience, and targeted geographic area. The registration process appears to be easy, and the form is detailed so have the resume ready and know what you want before you begin. They offer a satisfaction guarantee with either a refund or a redistribution of your resume if you are not happy. Targets the UK, including Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and please do not purchase their services unless you are eligible for employment in this region.
...a resume distribution service for the executive who wishes to get his or her resume in the hands of those recruiters and search firms working in his/her targeted industry and job area across the US and Canada. The recruiters/search firms have registered with the service, so your resume should only be going to folks who really want to read it. They offer 2 different distribution packages and a money-back guarantee.
Forward Your Resume
Reviews the resume distribution services, comparing features, costs, and more to help you make a somewhat informed decision.
Since I am not really a fan of services of this type, I will quote the information provided by this service rather than give you my opinion. "GadBall is a free service to job seekers brought to you by Data Frenzy [...] This site utilizes the advanced technologies, Job Board Partnerships and Employer relationships of Data Frenzy to provide a comprehensive free resume distribution site. GadBall allows you to easily create/upload your resume and select the Job Boards where you want your resume posted. Each Job Board Partner on GadBall has been evaluated to determine the effectiveness of the site. GadBall will only display to you relevant Job Boards based on the ability of the Job Board to connect people with your skills and experience to Employers who are hiring, and again you make the selection of which Job Boards receive your resume. You maintain complete control over your resume: edits to your resume on GadBall are immediately sent to all Job Boards where your resume was posted; when your Job Search is complete, inactivate your resume on GadBall, and a delete command is sent to all Job Boards where your resume was posted. The GadBall Free Resume Distribution service protects you. Your resume is submitted to all Job Boards with your own email address. You will view all inquiries from Employers and Job Boards in your GadBall email account; your personal email address is never transmitted to a public Job Board or shared with prospective Employers. You control what they see and how they contact you. We track every email in your GadBall account. We know from which resume posting site each inquiry originates, and we provide a link at the top of each email message to automatically log you into your personal account on the Job Board." GadBall offers many features of social networking sites, including the right to display your personal profile to others on the system. In addition, GadBall offers a job search database, career videos, interviewing advice, and salary data. You can access a large amount of the site's services as a guest, but you will need to register (free) and create a resume in order to utilize their best services. As always, I urge you to exercise restraint in posting your resume online so as not to appear to be spamming the world.
Create a free account, then either upload a current resume or use their free Resume Builder to create one. They'll convert it to a webpage with a unique URL you can add to your resume, your social networking accounts, your business cards, etc. Yes, your resume will be public, but you have the option of making it password-protected. I'm of varied minds with this, but if you are someone who feels strongly about having a resume out there in this way, go for it. Just be sure you read and understand their privacy policy before doing so.
Operated by in Austin, TX, ResumeDeliver is a resume distribution service that will forward your resume to a limited number of recruiters in their database for free. You can purchase a larger distribution if desired. They don't actually claim that all recruiters in their database signed up for the service, but they allow recruiters to sign up for free and will not accept "free" email accounts as their contact address (i.e., Yahoo, Gmail, etc.). I see no privacy policy, but the agreement for the recruiters stresses that they must agree not to distribute the resumes without the permission of the candidate and they are not allowed to market to you for any reason except to offer you a legitmate job. I cannot judge the service for you, but I suppose if you want to give the free limited distribution a try, what the heck.
You may also want to review our list of Executive Resume Mailing Services.

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Lists of Resume Databases and Services

These sites maintain lists of databases where you can post your resume.

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