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The many job search and networking clubs around the country can be very supportive as well as helpful in guiding you and increasing your network. This is just a sample of the many groups available all over. You can find more networking and job search support groups in your area by asking at your local public library, local churches and houses of worship (even those you do not attend), college or university career centers, and local State Employment and OneStop Career Centers.

Why Join a Job Search Support Group

You just lost your job, or you lost it some time ago but are still not finding something else. Why do we so strongly suggest you join a job search support group? Because they can help. No, they probably do not have job listings nor can they introduce you to potential employers, but they can give you the lift you need to continue and the other members can offer ideas and suggestions for strategies you did not consider.
Be Open, Be Brave, Be Strong (A Success Story), A Recruiters Guide to the Universe
"Sometimes you can do everything right in your job-search (networking, shaking hands, kissing babies, etc) and still not have it lead to interviews and offers." This is the story of one man who weathered the storm, was open to new ideas, and was successful with the help of his job search support groups.

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Can't Find a Group Near You? Try These Sites

Job Clubs, Networking, and Job Search Support by State ( extensive list of networking and support groups across the US arranged by state.
Company Alumni and Military & Government "Alumni" Groups ( is compiling lists of networking groups for former employees of various organizations, the government, and former military personnel. Not only can these connect you with old friends and colleagues but they can also connect you to potential opportunities inside and outside that particular company.
...this database lists local libraries all around the world. In the US and Canada, your local public library will probably have a list of networking / support groups in your area (and may sponsor a group of their own!). I'm sure libraries in other countries can be just as helpful.

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Start a Support Group

No group in your area? Start one!

Career transition expert Terry Seamon created a written guide to help people interested in forming and launching a local job search support group. To request your free copy, send an email to You can learn more about Terry through his blog, Here We Are. Now What?

Christ Centered Career Groups (C3G), started by Peter Bourke, offers free tools and resources for anyone wanting to start a career support group with a strong emphasis on Christ. "The primary goal of C3G is to accelerate the time to re-employment in work that is consistent with their God-given talent. Any individual or small group can take advantage of the free tools and resources that we have compiled." Even if this is not quite what you would like for your group, look at their resources for ideas.

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Government Services

America's Service Locator
Partnered with America's Job Bank and America's Career InfoNet, this site connects you to local government offices providing the employment and training services you need in all 50 states plus Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. This includes employment info, job search training, support for those coping with a job loss, and much more. Just enter your zip code or city/state and select how close you would like that office to be, and you will get a list of offices in your area along with address and phone number information. You can also review the phone directory with all listings for your state or territory or the web directory with links to all services. You will also want to look at CareerOneStop gateway.

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Online Groups

Job Loss Guide Network
...created by Jim Davis, a career coach in Tennessee, this is a place to share your stories, questions, and concerns and to get support from others who understand what you are going through. Mr Davis is creator of Family
Cancer and Careers: Living and Working with Cancer
"In 2001, The Cosmetic Executive Women Board of Directors' came upon a startling realization: Five out of some 40 board members had been diagnosed with cancer. Some told their colleagues at work. Others did not. But all continued to work during or following treatment and came upon similar dilemmas." Over 80% of cancer survivors return to work after treatment. This site is designed to help women, their caregivers, their colleagues, and their employers deal with cancer by providing a single source for information, news, strategies, and support. While it is focused on the needs of women in the workforce, I think men will find the ideas and information here to be very useful.

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Networking Websites

These sites work the "six degrees of separation" concept to the nth degree by using the Internet to turn who you are, who you know, and what you know into a monster-sized spider net of connectivity.They are different than the Online Groups listed above in that they are intended to be expanded contact lists, not solely job or career support groups. There are positive and negative elements on each, but they may be a useful tool for some of you. Just be sure to read each site's Privacy Policy and User Agreement carefully. You will also want to review the list of's Company and Military "Alumni" Networks, listed under Online Groups, just above.

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Nationwide Listings & Organizations

Crossroads Career Network
"Comprised of a network of member churches, we help people in our congregations and communities find jobs, careers, calling." They provide assistance through Online career resources and On-the-ground career groups with meetings arranged by the member churches, and all are welcome. "As a network formed with a variety of Christian denomination and independent churches, we seek to serve everyone in our communities regardless of their personal faith or religious affiliation." They base their work on their 2009 Career Guide and its 6-step process of career exploration and job search techniques. All visitors to the site are welcome to download this free guide in PDF format. As a registered member of the network, you have access to the meetings and the online resources, including a job database. While you are strongly encouraged to connect with a local network member, they realize you might not be near one. At the time of review, individuals who did not have a member ministry nearby were welcome to register for free using a code given on the website. While you would not have the in-person support of others, you will have access to the many resources on this website.
Downtown Women's Club
...a social and professional network for businesswomen with many local clubs that allow you to add some high touch to your high tech network. There is a fee if you want to be a part of the online social network, DWC Faces, but it looks like you can sign up for a free "membership" just by signing up for their monthly newsletter.
ExecuNet is a long-established and well regarded executive networking and career management service. Yes, they have job listings and career information you can use in a job search, but more importantly they have an extensive network of fellow professionals with whom you can interact for advice, support, and even career enhancement through local networking meetings. To locate meetings near you (US and the world), check under "Networking" on their website.
Executives Network
Fee "Executives Network is a national peer-to-peer network for executives in the job search." This is a networking group designed to allow members to interact with one another and share information that may lead to a successful search. At this time they have meetings in Phoenix (AZ), Chicago (IL), Dallas (TX), Denver (CO), Boston (MA), New York (NY), West Orange (NJ) and 4 locations in California, but persons outside of these areas are encouraged to join their national online network. Membership is limited to persons at the corporate director / vp / c-level. They get very high marks from their members. Molly Wendell, current President and CEO ( and a former member) has a marvelous blog with truly helpful articles that all are welcome to read.
The Five O'Clock Club
.. a national career counseling network with certified career counselors across the United States. You might have read some of the many books authored by their founder, Kate Wendleton. You buy a membership based on the number of sessions you think you want and your income level. If there isn't a club near you, they are now offering a "virtual club" via email and teleconferencing. Unused sessions can be given to others or donated to a central pool for others who need more sessions but can't afford them. They are also running a non-profit club in Harlem for a very small per-session fee. Their web site includes more info about membership, good articles, and a list of the books and other materials they have available for purchase.
40 Plus
40 Plus is the nation’s oldest non-profit organization dedicated to helping currently available managers, executives and other professionals over 40 years of age find jobs. This list of chapters across the US and Canada is courtesy of 40 Plus of Greater Washington (DC).
Goodwill Industries: Jobs and Careers
Goodwill provides job training and employment services, job placement opportunities and post-employment support to all who need assistance, including special populations such as the disabled, immigrants, veterans, and former felons. This page gives you information on their services, connect you to some online training seminars they offer in topics like filling out a job application and budgeting, allows you to search their database of jobs with Goodwill, and provides a searchable directory of Goodwill service offices, including training centers.
Jewish Vocational Service Agencies in the United States, Canada and Israel
...JVS offers career and job search services and support to the community without regard to religious affiliation. This list provided by the JVS MetroWest (NJ). Call your closest office for information on services and how you can benefit from their offerings. You can also review a list of these agencies through the International Association of Jewish Vocational Services.
Las Comadres Para las Americas informal professional network of Latinas with local groups meeting face-to-face in many major cities around the US. (Non-Latinas are welcome if married to a Latino.) "Las Comadres was started in Austin (April 2000) by Veronica Rivera and Elizabeth Baird (now Garcia) as an informal gathering of Latinas. Nora de Hoyos Comstock, whose passion is building community and sharing resources, is credited with blending the face-to-face potluck gatherings with email connectivity and creating and building the national networks." If there is no local chapter in your area they will gladly help you set one up.
Work Ministry
...initiated in 2004 as a program to develop Job Support groups in Faith-Based Organizations in the Chicago area, Work Ministry offers job seekers a nation-wide database of jobs along with resources to support their search while supporting the job support groups. They are building a national network of job suppport groups, with seventy groups in fifteen states as of today (June 2005). Nice site, and definitely working to improve the world.

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New England & Mid-Atlantic

Includes Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington D.C., and West Virginia Links to information on employment services and unemployment compensation for these states can be found under Local U.S. Job Opportunities.

SMARTvt Job Club (Burlington VT)
...meets Mondays in Burlington VT. The Job Club features a structured coaching program designed to transform professionals into effective solutions providers offering the mentoring, skills and tools essential for every successful business leader. There is a fee for participating, but I believe you can attend at least one meeting and decide if this group works for you before paying. Contact them for more information.
Acton Networkers (MA)
Acton Networkers is a volunteer networking group created to help those in job transition. Their 4 groups meet in 3 locations in Acton and Hopkinton. Information on the group, meetings, and much more is available on the website. They also have a YahooGroups mailing and a LinkedIn page.
Job Seekers Networking Group (Boston, MA)
..networking group operated by The Work Place, a one-stop career center in Boston. Meets Thursdays from 11 AM to 12:30 PM. You must be a member of The Work Place to attend an event or workshop. Call 617-737-0093 or register at the front desk. Membership is free.
CareerPoint (MA)
...located in Holyoke, this is a private, nonprofit corporation offering a variety of services, workshops, and networking opportunities to the community in both English and Spanish. Some services may charge a small fee. The Job Networking club meets on Tuesdays.
CareerPlace (MA)
...Chartered by the Metro North Regional Employment Board, and managed by Middlesex Community College, The Career Place helps customers find current job openings, assess their skill levels and interests, and enter education and training programs. Located in Woburn, MA, they also sponsor a Friday networking group.
Face2Face Job Search Network (MA)
...a job search and support network for New England professionals. Meetings are in Boxborough, MA, on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Nominal fee for each meeting.
Get It Started: Networking Group for Jobseekers (MA)
An ongoing networking group that gives people a place to meet others, share information, learn tips and strategies, practice their pitch and more! This group meets at the Employment & Training Resources Center in Norwood, MA, every Monday morning from 9:30 AM to noon. No registration necessary, just come in! Directions and more info about the ETR offices and services for the Metro South/West region of Massachusetts is available on this website along with directions.
Career Center of Lowell (MA)
...part of the Massachusetts One-Stop Career Center system, the Career Center operates under the direction of the City of Lowell and is chartered by the Greater Lowell Workforce Investment Board. Along with the many in-house services they offer, they support a very active and successful LinkedIn Group, the Career Center of Lowell Networkers. Current and former customers of any Massachusetts career center and any companies seeking qualified employees are welcome to join this group, which is moderated by Bob McIntosh of the Career Center.
Lowell (MA) Networking Group
Organized by John Nojeim, a fellow job seeker, the Lowell Networking Group is an open-invitation group of individuals either in employment transition, or seeking to help others in transition. Meetings are held weekly on Thursdays from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the Brewery Exchange. Share needs and leads, and offer suggestions and support to those in transition. No website. For more information, email John directly (jnojeim at or check his LinkedIn profile through the link above.
WIND Networking (MA / NH / RI)
WIND ("Wednesday is Networking Day") has been operating in the Boston area since 1990. WIND offers weekly meetings in three locations allowing professionals from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire easy access to its networking and support group meetings. Information on the network, its services, meeting days/times/locations, and more can easily be found on the site. Not all of the meetings are Wednesday. August 2012 -- The primary website is down, but you can find a lot of information on the group and its meetings through the Success Associates website.
Rhode Islanders Networking To Open Doors To Jobs (Warwick, RI)
RINODtoJobs meets from 9 AM to 11 AM the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month at Norwood Baptist Church in Warwick. This group, facilitated by career coach Irene Sinteff, provides a forum to build relationships (networks) and learn about resources to help you in your transition to new employment, self-employment or the next stage in your life. $20 one-time member fee, $10 for each meeting you attend. (NYC)
...this group hosts speed-networking events for business professionals on Long Island and in NYC. Yup, "speed networking". You have about 4 minutes to meet and greet each person in the event. Space is limited and reservations are required, but what the heck. You never know who you'll meet until you actually shake his or her hand.
Job Information Centers, Queens Borough Public Library (NY)
...the QBPR Job Information Center offers public workshops in job search techniques, resume preparation, and interviewing on a regular basis, and these workshops are offered in both English and Spanish in both the main branch and the Flushing branch. In addition, the JIC regularly offers the Career Exploration Inventory, a self-scored career interest evaluation for adults, in both locations. Check the online calendar of events or call the nearest branch for information and assistance.
The August Group (NY)
...based in Rochester, NY, the August Group is a grass roots organization solely comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to helping folks get employed. It is free to join. Their website is currently undergoing some work, but you can look at their meeting calendar and contact the main folks with any questions.
JobSeekers (Princeton, NJ)
Sponsored by Trinity Church in Princeton, JobSeekers is an instruction and support group for people who are unemployed or changing careers. Professionally-trained volunteer coordinators and volunteer speakers provide answers to questions concerning the job search. Weekly Tuesday meetings alternate between topical workshops by volunteer leaders one week and open discussion and support group the next. There is no cost.
New Jersey Career Transition Groups
Pennsylvania Career Transition Groups
Maintained by the Memphis (TN) Career Transition Group, these 2 pages list career groups in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and provide links to or information on how to get involved.
40 Plus of Philadelphia (PA)
...40 Plus is the Nation’s oldest non-profit organization dedicated to helping currently available managers, executives and other professionals over 40 years of age find jobs. This chapter is working on its website at this time, but you can contact them for more information on services and meetings.
PAPEN - Pennsylvania Professional Employment Network (PA)
...a Pittsburgh-based networking organization that helps members advance their careers. PAPEN has four chapters that meet weekly. There is a single nominal fee for lifetime membership.
Beltway Networking (MD / VA / DC)
"Beltway Networking was established by a team of networking professionals, whose goal was to provide an online resource for business networking events and information for D.C., Maryland and Virginia. is an ad supported website. By being ad supported, it allows our community of networkers to post their networking event details free of charge." I like the calendars of events, divided into MD, DC, and Va events. The member directory is pretty full too, but I leave that to you to decided if you want to register. I'm not impressed by the Jobs listings (no dates, no screening for inappropriate listings).
The Career Cafe of Bethesda (MD / VA / DC)
This group, facilitated by Laura Labovich meets on Tuesdays (check their calendar) to present topics and speakers selected to help you move your job search into high gear. Fee is $10, pre-registration is suggested but not required. Contact and meeting information is on the site.
The WorkCenter, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Bethesda MD
The Workcenter is a nonprofit association of friends who volunteer to support people who are currently unemployed and under-employed. Workcenter meetings occur every 1st Saturday of every month at Our Lady of Lourdes, at 7500 Pearl Street, in Bethesda, MD, at 9:30 AM. If you are interested in participating -- either as a job seeker or someone who can help mentoring other job seekers -- please e-mail Stefano Ratti (
Web Managers Round Table (Washington DC)
"The Web Managers Roundtable serves Washington DC's digital community with a variety of programs designed for enterprise level web professionals. [...] Each event features a networking reception, an engaging program, and a post-event online discussion. Subjects include web marketing, social media, strategy, mobile, digital media, web analytics, content management, website optimization, localization and leadership." Attendance at events is by invitation or by referral. "There are no Roundtable membership fees. Instead, members simply need to need qualify as end users in order to join. If you’d like to be considered for Web Managers Roundtable membership and receive invitations to future events, please send your name, job title, organization name, e-mail address, and the name of the Roundtable member who referred you (or how you heard about us) to Julie Perlmutter, founder & event planner."
Professional Mobility (Washington DC)
A LinkedIn Group for globally-mobile professionals based in the greater DC area. "Members of this group have one thing in common: our careers are defined by the need to be globally mobile. We are used to dealing with uncertainty. We can cope with constant change. We thrive on new experiences." The group is for sharing job opportunities, exchanging tips and strategies, advertising training and career development opportunities, sending invitations to various events, and also providing support to other members. You must have a LinkedIn Account to join.
Employment Support Center (Washington DC)
... low-cost services and support groups for job seekers in DC/MD/VA. They sponsor the Capitol Hill Career Support Group, which meets Monday evenings (excluding holidays) in The First Trinity Lutheran Church's 2nd Floor Library, 4th and E Streets, NW at 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.
Job Seekers Ministry, Holy Trinity Catholic Church (Washington DC)
The Job Seekers' Ministry at Holy Trinity is a support group for people who are unemployed, under-employed, or employed but looking for new work. "The group has been meeting weekly since January 2001 when our former pastor, Fr. Bill Byron, S.J., took an interest in ministering to those who were undergoing changes in careers and employment." The support group normally meets every Monday evening from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (weather and holidays can affect this schedule), and they offer a recurring seven-week workshop series takes place on Tuesdays, from 7:00 - 9:00 PM (again, weather can affect this schedule). All are welcome to join regardless of religious beliefs or affiliations. The facilitator of this group has an extensive background in outplacement and career management.
Washington Network Group (DC) independent, non-partisan, social networking group of professionals in business, finance, foreign and government affairs based in the Metro Washington (DC) area. There are no regular membership dues nor fees, but membership is by application and is not automatic. WNG sponsors monthly networking meetings and also publicize events not sponsored by this group but which support its objectives. You will also want to review their online job board.
WBIS: Women Building Investing in Success (Washington DC)
..."provides businesswomen from the Washington, DC Metropolitan area with a dynamic opportunity to network and gain support to nurture and grow their individual endeavors." Monthly luncheons feature guest speakers and opportunities to meet with and learn from fellow business women. No membership fee.
...operating in the Washington, DC, metro region, WorkCenter is a nonprofit association of professionals and business people, working together to help others who need assistance in finding work or preparing for interviews. There is no fee for the meetings, and the free website allows you to view job openings posted by others and to connect with other registered users. Meetings are held in various locations and in and around DC -- check the "events" tab for information. I know you do not see a name/phone number on the site, but the domain name registration is public.
Networking in Washington DC (
"Want to advance in your career? Learning how to network is key. Use our list of the top networking associations in the Washington, D.C., area to meet new contacts, share ideas and enhance your skills." The Washington Post has assembled directories of local professional and networking groups for Biotech, Finance & Accounting, Marketing & Advertising, Media & Communications, Technology, and Executive. Pick your list then pick a group to join. Contact info and links to available websites are included.
CAN: Christians are Networking (Alexandria VA)
Sponsored by Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington (VA), this networking and support group offers volunteer coaches with HR and recruitng experience to help you in your search. They'll review resumes and cover letters, practice interviewing, offer coaching, and much more. CAN is open to all who want to participate. They meet every Thursday from 7 to 9 PM at the St. Martin de Porres Senior Center on Taney Ave. in Alexandria. It looks like they are also starting a similar group in Culpeper, VA. Check the website and call the number given for more information.

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Mountain Region, Southwest, Pacific Northwest, & Pacific Islands

Includes Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Links to information on employment services and unemployment compensation for these states can be found under Local U.S. Job Opportunities.

Southwest Job Network (AZ)
This was called the Scottsdale Job Network, but they've updated their name to reflect their plans to expand beyond the Scottsdale/North Phoenix area. It is a non-profit community service organization of job seekers and others volunteering their time to help them in their career transitions. Meetings are held twice a month in three different locations (one is just getting started and will have a full meeting schedule in the Fall of 2009). Check the website for locations, dates, and event specifics. All events are free, but they do ask if you might contribute even $5 to help defray expenses. Also, occasional workshops might request a nominal fee, but those who cannot pay are still welcome. They are more concerned with helping you get back to work.
Forty Plus of Northern California (CA)
Forty Plus of Northern California is a non-profit self-help group of executives and professionals over 40 who are currently in career transition. This site also maintains a list of other North American chapters (see the entry under Nationwide Organizations, above).
GraceWorks (San Francisco, CA)
"...established by Grace Cathedral in partnership with secular resources, GraceWorks wishes to provide job search and career transition support for unemployed and underemployed professionals of the San Francisco Bay Area. An attempt is made to provide spiritual, technical, and operational resources." Meetings are held Monday mornings except for holidays. Information on upcoming events, directions to the cathedral, and much more can be found here along with contact information should you have more questions.
Collectivenet (CO)
"Connecting people together to provide 'Local People for Local Jobs' on the Colorado Front Range". Collectivenet is a non-profit organization of career networking groups designed to maximize job seeking and employee search efforts by providing a central location of candidates, contacts, leads and information with no fees associated and volunteer operated. To join, you first join one of the networking groups, then follow their procedures for joining Collectivenet. Programs offered to members include resume and company databses, current event calendars, links to useful resources, and presentations. Sponsored by Workforce Boulder County.

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Midwest & Great Lakes

Includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. Links to information on employment services and unemployment compensation for these states can be found under Local U.S. Job Opportunities.

Minnesota Career Support Groups
Maintained by the Memphis (TN) Career Transition Group, this is a listing of job search support groups in Minnesota.
LinkingMichiana (MI / IN / IL)
... a networking group for Michiana with accompanying website and Facebook page. Do you of services or resources that should be included? How about places to go for access to computers, resume help, or other services? Please let her know. And if you are someone who can join her in this project, let her know! It will benefit all involved.
Links to Additional Resources, CareerPlace (Barrington IL)
...realizing that one service or group does not fit all, and that you should take advantage of all supportive services you can, CareerPlace of Barrington, IL, has provided a list of and links to additional job search and networking services available in northern Illinois.
Job Seekers Group at Ebenezer Lutheran Church (Chicago, IL)
Facilitated by Carolyn E. Placko, this free networking and support group meets most Mondays from 11 am to 12:30 PM. It's purpose is to offer a place "where members can build on the positive aspects of their lives, envision their future and be held accountable for moving forward. We also provide emotional and spiritual support for one another."
Networking and Support Groups in the Chicago Metro Area (IL)
...links to networking events, recruiters, mentoring and support groups from
BBJ - Businesspersons Between Jobs (St.Louis, MO)
...a non-profit, non-sectarian, networking, volunteer support group dedicated to helping executives and professionals who are in a career transition. Participants pay a single, nominal lifetime membership fee.
Workshops, Job Clubs, and Job Fairs: Cuyahoga County Public Library (OH)
...scroll down the right side of the page for a list of events, some of which are sponsored by the CCPL. They also link to additional resources for networking groups, including a nice list of Job Clubs for Northeast Ohio.
Job Seekers Group, Fairhaven Church (Centerville OH)
...located near Dayton, this group meets the first and third Thursdays of the month and supports individuals in pursuit of employment through support & encouragement, networking, job search training & tips and weekly guest speakers. "For anyone in the Dayton area who is unemployed or underemployed and seeking employment. No registration necessary – just show up!" The website offers directions to the church, a contact person you can call/email with questions, and a list of their upcoming speakers. Prep your 30-second introduction and bring some business cards with you!
Chagrin Valley Job Seekers (northeast Ohio)
.. a volunteer organization in northeast Ohio with the sole mission / purpose of providing professionals in career transition with job search training, networking contacts, job leads, keynote speakers, resources, and knowledge to enhance their job search. The group was started in April 2002 by the current 2 leaders, Jim Grant and Greg Reynolds. To join, you must be a job seeker, attend the meetings, and officially register with CVJS. Yes, they want you to leave your house and network in person. It is free, and meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month. Learn more here or contact either Jim or Greg.

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South & Southeast & Caribbean Islands

Includes Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and the US Virgin Islands. Links to information on employment services and unemployment compensation for these states can be found under Local U.S. Job Opportunities.

Professionals in Transition Support Group (NC)
...This nonprofit group reaches out to unemployed and under-employed professionals in the North Carolina Triad region to help them deal with their experiences and search for new employment. They provide you with a safe, confidential, trustworthy atmosphere in which you can work rebuilding your self-esteem as you work towards re-employment. No one is turned away. Right now, they are only hosting a few meetings (info is on their website), but others can use some of the services and information resource made available on their website. For example, they have a terrific series of guides and articles on Coping with Job Loss, including how to negotiate severance with your employer, how to tell your family and friends about your situation, and how you can understand the "hidden benefits" of unemployment. (Yes, there are some.) They have a few job leads posted on the site which are generally available for 4-6 weeks.
C3G (Christ Centered Career Group), North Point Community Church (Alpharetta, GA)
"Join us every Monday morning to gain fresh perspective and enjoy the company of people like you — people in career transition that are committed to success in business and in life. Regardless of the type of employment you're seeking, we're confident that you will find this environment to be encouraging and helpful." More information and directions available. There is no mention of a fee to participate.
JobSeekers Employment Network (Marietta GA)
...a group of Christian volunteer businesspeople providing a supportive environment and network for those seeking new employment opportunities. Under "Partners" you'll find links to additional groups in the area.
The Networking Round Table (Memphis, TN)
... a ministry of the Sycamore View Church of Christ and meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. The address and a map for the meeting location is available on the website, along with information about this career networking group, news, and a schedule of upcoming meetings. Sign up for their free eNewsletter or send a question to the facilitator.
Career Transition Support Group, Brentwood United Methodist Church (Brentwood, TN)
"CTSG's objective is to help people who are in-between jobs or looking for a career change. We have a different presentation every week that is directed on the latest job search techniques. Topics include resume writing, interviewing skills, networking, setting goals, creating a target list of potential employers and negotiation." There is no fee for their services. The group meets Monday evenings (except holidays): doors open at 6 and the meeting runs 7 to 8:30 PM. The presentations vary week to week and people can join at any time.
Career Transition Groups in Tennessee (YahooGroups)
.. a directory containing information on a number of career transition support groups in the state of Tennessee affiliated with the Memphis Area Career Transition Groups. To access the list, click where indicated. You will be taken to the list of the specific cities where you can select each to see basic meeting information (yes, they actually meet) and get information on participating. The MACTG also maintains information for other states, either listing groups and meetings or operating mailing lists for participants in these areas.
WorkNet Pinellas, the Professional Placement Network of Pinellas County (FL)
...a private-partnership operating One-Stop Centers in Pinellas County (FL). This organization offers support, training, networking, and employment services for professionals while helping employers to connect quickly and effectively to the best candidates to fill their needs. Information on services, center locations, and local networking meetings are available on their website.
CareerBridge (Flower Mound, TX, near Dallas)
Meets each Thursday from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm in the Ministry Center of Trietsch Memorial United Methodist Church. Participants can receive professional assistance on a variety of topics, such as finding the right job, resume preparation, interview techniques and effective use of the internet in the job search process. They periodically feature speakers from local companies who provide insight into their company and available job opportunities along with a quarterly recruiter panel.
Covenant Presbyterian Church (Austin TX)
Covenant regularly offers a six-week Career Transitions workshop designed to take participants through a new stand-alone topic each class. You can attend one or all of the sessions. "We anticipate each week to be a working session to help you build your skills and create a plan of action. The program is Christ-centered, so you also gain confidence and strength from the foundation of faith." Church membership is not required to attend these free classes, but you will have to watch their website for an announcement of the next workshop. Call the church for information.
CareerConnection (Dallas TX)
Job leads networking group for unemployed mid-management professionals meeting Tuesdays from 9 am to noon.
Jobs Ministry Southwest (Sugar Land, TX, near Houston)
...this non-profit, faith based community organization is dedicated to building an effective and powerful network of job seekers, business owners, managers, and HR/placement professionals. All are welcome. Meetings are each Tuesday morning in Sugar Land, TX. They ask that new participants arrive at 8:45 am to register. Most events are free, but they ask participants who are able to make a donation to help support the services. They also offer occasional programs or workshops which may charge a fee, but this will be clearly stated. JMS also offers one-on-one coaching for a fee. Check the website for more information, their calendar of events including scheduled speakers, directions to the meetings, and much more.

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